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For most of the year, most people see Sturgis as just a simple, quiet town, but once it a year it comes alive with one of their hottest motorcycle Rallies around. Folks living in their Sturgis apartments, however, can tell you that there's always plenty to do, even in this quiet little town, no matter what time of year it is. Though it's home to less than ten thousand people, Sturgis still boasts, beautiful parks, fascinating museums, interesting landmarks, and plenty more to keep even the hippest young Sturgis apartment-ite entertained.

Smack dab in the middle of the Black Hills, Sturgis is home to some of the most beautiful land in all of South Dakota, so much of the city is devoted to showing off this beauty. Sturgis apartment-ites can take in the natural wonder of their city in a number of ways, including taking one of the many hike-and-bike trails through the gorgeous landscapes of the Black Hills, including the George S. Mickelson and Centennial Trails, each of which offers a slightly different view of the breathtaking landscape. Of course, the best way to take in the Black Hills is to take a trip down to Bear Butte State Park, where you can take in the Hills in all their majestic wonder, without the touch of the hand of man, showing you life as it was all those years ago. Sturgis is also a city famous for the big event that occurs there, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and to find out more about this rally's history, just take a trip down to the Motorcycle Museum, where you can take a gander at their collection of vintage motorcycles and accessories, as well as some history of the Motorcycle Rally that brings this town alive once a year.

Whether you're a fan of the great outdoors, or just like cruising on your Harley, Sturgis has some amazing attractions to keep its citizens pleased. Sturgis apartment-ites are lucky to have so much beauty surround them at all times, and plenty of opportunities to take it in.

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Sturgis Apartments

Rapid City SD 57701

studio to 3 bedroom apartments $745 to $1340

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Rapid City SD 57701

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $649 to $809

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Rapid City SD 57702

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $799 to $1169

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Rapid City SD 57703

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $825 to $1250

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Rapid City SD 57702

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $819 to $1289

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Rapid City SD 57701

studio to 3 bedroom apartments $940 to $1050

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Box Elder SD 57719

2 to 5 bedroom apartments $930 to $1965

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